The Voting Act was an act passed by the Confederate Government on February 15, 1861.



"Upon passing of this act, every citizen in the Confederate States of America that is 18 years or older are required to vote. For kids under 18, they can express 'feelings' by writing to the head of newspapers, but it is herby illegal to the Confederate States of America to vote while your under 18. Anybody responsible for doing this will be punished."


"Also, every citizen must record for a yearly census. Applications will be sent out every year on February 15, 1861, and must be filled in. Anybody who is caught not sending one in or entering fake/wrong information will be punished."

Passing of the Act

On February 14, 1861, Davis had a group of 30 Confederate generals, Alexander Stephens and Leroy Pope Walker vote on this act. The act was passed on February 15, 1861, with a 27-5 voting. The act was was put into action on February 17, 1861.