Texas Campaign
Part of the Take Command War
Date February 18-February 25, 1861


Result Indecisive
Union Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders

Joseph Butler

Samuel P. Heintzelman

Ambrose P. Hill

Braxton Bragg

Units involved
Army of Maryland Army of Texas
100,000 61,500
Casualties and losses
464 391

The Texas Campaign was a campaign during the Take Command War, with the Union Army of Maryland pitted against Confederate Army, Army of Texas. Most of the fighting occured in Texas as Joseph Butler planned a "sweep" starting from western Texas to take control of Texas.

Butler's PlanEdit

Joseph Butler, co-commander of the Army of Maryland, drew up a plan where the Union's 100,000 strong army would travel to the west and then "sweep" (or "raid") Texas, hopefully taking conmrol of it. Guarding Texas was Braxton Bragg and Ambrose P. Hill. Hill had dispatched for Kentucky with nearly 30,000 soldiers, so Bragg was the only high-ranking general in the army.

Butler split his army two ways: 50,000 for himself and 50,000 for Samuel P. Heintzelman, which they would both sweep across Texas. Heintzelman would take the northern hemisphere while Butler would take the southern hemisphere.

Bragg ReactsEdit

Braxton Bragg, seeing the oncoming threat, broke up his army even more and recalled 5,000 of Hill's troops. He split up his army and sent 32,000 to the Southern hemisphere and 32,000 to the Northern Hemisphere of Texas. As he recalled, "The enemy has engaged us on our own grounds. Now we must engage on theirs." Meaning that if the North did take over Texas, he would strike back.