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Welcome to the Take Command wiki*! This is just a fansite! I am not actually the creators of the game.

This is a wiki that follows the battles that I've PLAYED on Take Command: 2nd Manassas. None of this is from the actual American Civil War; just chronicles of my battles and such.

Texas Campaign
Richmond Campaign
1861 Union Spring Offensive
Laurel Junction Campaign

See List of battles for a complete list of battles I've done.

For the dates, I use this method: If I did the battle on February 11, 2011 then I'd write: February 11, 1861. And for December 10, 2012, I'd write: December 10, 1862.

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==IMPORTANT!==: This wiki is now going to cease to exist. Officially, this wiki lasted 78 days as "active" and 1 day as "inactive". Starting May 1st, most things will be closed/ceased to start the end of the wiki operations. We have 52 articles and counting, but I haven't played the game in over two months, and now I mostly play Ageod's American Civil War.

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==Important==!: This wiki is now going to cease to exist. Officially, after this wiki was made February 12, 2011, it failed to take off; however just because it's "ceasing" doesn't mean it's closing! This may be relaunched sometime later (October-Novemberish), but currently I'm now playing AGEod's American Civil War, and I've ran out of time to continue this wiki. At 11:59:59pm EST, this wiki will be ceased. May 1st, 2011, will mark 79st day. However, this wiki only had 78 days active. See Special:Statistics for more info.