Siege of Dearinsburg
Part of Take Command War
Date February 11, 1861
Location Dearinsburg, Virginia (fictional town)
Result Confederate victory
Union Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
Ulysses S. Grant Robert E. Lee

Richard Pryor James Longstreet

Units involved
IV Corps I Corps
40,000 30,000
Casualties and losses
2,168 2,042

The Siege of Dearinsburg was an Union attempt to destroy Richmond. Just outside Richmond was Dearinsburg, which has Grant believed, could help the large attack he was planning. Although a siege, it lasted just 9 hours before the Confederate's broke through. There were over 2,000 casualties on both sides.

It was part of the Richmond Campaign.


After failing at Sumberg, Grant again had plans to take over Richmond. This time with 40,000 men.

Early had moved his 5,400 sized force to join Longstreet's I Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia at Dearinsburg. Longstreet (like Grant) found Dearinsburg a major objective to get/hold. If Dearinsburg was captured, Richmond's main supply rout would be cut off. Lee ordered Longstreet to keep this town even if it means fighting until the last person.


After the poor attack on the 11th, the Union once again organized a force to destroy the Rebels. Fortunately, Robert E. Lee this time raised his force to 30,000. The Union raised their force to 40,000. The Union started marching on the east side of Dearinsburg, but soon send 4 brigades to the west. Since nearly 3/4th of Robert E. Lee's forces were on the west side, he ordered 1 brigade over to the east and later sent another 3 brigades over. The 1 brigade, commanded by Richard Pryor held off well. His 4 regiments took on 6 regiments at once and had to hold off for over 15 minutes before reinforcements arrived. Once the 3 brigades reach their destination, the fielded a large firefight and a few regiments charged. After being outnumbered two to one, the Union could withstand no more and retreated 3 brigades and 5 artillery batteries back. There was nearly 2,042 casualties on the Confederate's side and 2,168 on the Union's side.


Even after 2 battles lost (Battle of Sumberg and Siege of Dearinsburg, Grant still held hope that he could continue and destroy Richmond.