Battle of Anderson February 6 First battle of the war. Confederate victory.
Defense of Richmond February 6 Union defeated after a series of attacks.
Battle of Watertown February 8 Major battle. Confederate loses most men, but tactically inconclusive.
Battle of Jillvy February 9 Union overruns Confederate defenses despite lots of casualties.
Battle of Laurel Junction February 9 Confederate's repell Union attacks.
Battle of Scorch Run February 9-10 Union and Confederate engage for two days. Unknown casualties.
Battle of Stony Bridge February 10 Union tries to pass through Stony Bridge but is repelled.
Second Battle of Laurel Junction February 10 Union attacks Confederate's; few Confederate casualties
Battle of Carver's House February 10 Confederate's attack Union soldiers at Carver's house.
Battle of Hay's Peach Orchard February 10 Inconclusive; both sides retreat.
Battle of Death Road February 11 Confederate's repell Union attacks in a road.

Battle of Sumberg

February 11

Early defeats Union attackers.

Siege of Dearinsburg February 12

Union forces siege town. Eventually withdraw.

Battle of Walker's Gap February 14 Confederate's assault Union. Win.
Battle of Black Hill February 15 Union pushes back Confederate defenders near Black Hill.
Battle of Cedar Ridge February 18 Confederate's repell Union with heavy casualties on both sides.
Battle of Sweet River February 22 Unsuccessful Union attempt to wipe out Fort Braxx's first defense.