The Confederate States of America or known as the C.S.A, was an independant country that seceded from the Union on February 1, 1861. They elected Jefferson Davis as their first president on February 3, 1861, and immeditally raised a 1,100,000 strong force by February 5, 1861.

The Confederate's started off by attacking the town of Anderson on February 6, 1861. They then declared war on the Union and put up defenses along Virginia.

Throughout the Take Command War, they have fought in 3 campaigns. 2 of the 3 campaigns have been victorious for the Confederate's, making Jefferson Davis say "Our nation, the Confederacy, have been doing well in this war. Our future looks bright."


The Confederate Government has Jefferson Davis as President and Alexander Stephens of Vice President. Due to low government authority, Davis controls nearly 85% of all war actions. Stephens only controls 9% while Secretary of War Leroy Pope Walker with 6% control. Davis explained that, "Finance is one thing and war is another. A president (I) need to have full-control or else a disaster can strike," he proclaimed. "Therefore I'm giving 85% of control to me, 9% to Alexander Stephens and %6 to Leroy P. Walker."

The Confederacy has a income of nearly $29,000 per week to spend on the army, but Lee wrote to Davis on February 12,1861, saying that "our army needs more supplies". According to a study made by Davis' aides, they needed $33,000 per week to keep up with the army's "simple needs".


The CSA was officially made February 1, 1861, after seceding from the Union, however, the government was not established to February 7, 1861, the day after Davis' inaguaration. Davis won with 2,331,035 votes, and was running against Leroy Pope Walker, who recieved less (about 850,000).


At the first census (February 10, 1861), there was 1,100,000 soldiers in combat and about 3,325,151. The Notrh had nearly 7,131,428 people not at war, giving them a large manpower advantage.


The voting is a regular routine. The canidates announce themselves, campaign and wait for votes. Every citizen in the Confederacy is required to vote (in the Voting Act, February 15, 1861). There is no "electoral votes" for the Confederacy.