Battle of Watertown
Part of Take Command War
Date February 8, 1861
Location Watertown, Virginia (fictional town)
Result Tactically Inconclusive
Union Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
Ulysses S. Grant Stonewall Jackson
Units involved
Army of the Cumberland Army of Tennessee
49,000 62,000
Casualties and losses
4,666 6,449

The Battle of Watertown was a battle fought on February 8, 1861, with the Army of the Cumberland against the Army of Tennessee. After many attacks, Stonewall Jackson decided to go on the offensive and attack General Grant. Though the Confederate's suffered over 1,800 more casualties, they took their objective for a inconclusive battle.


After numerous pushes, offensives & attacks during the Border Line Campaign, Stonewall Jackson decided that attacking the Union could do some damage. He organized 62,000 soldiers to attack the Union's left flank, which was vulnerable to attacks.


Jackson sent out I Corps of the Army of Tennessee on 10:12 a.m. Behind was the II Corps and the III Corps that were silently waiting. The I Corps started attacking but the Union's III Corps kept on pushing them back. Jackson then sent in II Corps & III Corps to attack.

The set off at 10:31 a.m. and made it took battle at 10:47 a.m. Jackson's I Corps slowly retreated a 2 divisions, and soon the divisions were retired.

II Corps came up in a rampage of attacking. The took no notice of hazards and trampled over anything they could. When a large Union force was in it's way, 4 regiments surrounded it and shot 3/4 of the regiment. They proceeded (with heavy casualties) to take over the Walden Crossroads (their objective), but it was inconclusive because of how many casualties they suffered.


Because they had pushed the Union back so far (nearly 950 yards), the Union only organized one more attack to take place at the town of Jillvy (fictional town).