The Battle of Samsville was a small military engagement in the Take Command War. The Confederate's, led by Alexander R. Lawton, William D. Pender and Ambrose P. Hill repelled numerous Union attacks to take Samsville.


Acting Corps Commander William D. Pender had secured an invaluable location around Samsville. There was a large ammo depot, carrying over 20,000 rounds of musket and rifle fire and 2,000 cannon rounds. The Union, realising this as a "major problem" sent General Joeseph Chamberlain to stop Pender.

At 9:38am EST, Chamberlain attacked Pender's ready forces. At first, pushing in, but soon Ambrose P. Hill arrived and provided support.

Hill sent the 58th Virginia to sneak behind enemy lines and attack. The attack was a success, penetrating the lines, but the 58th lost nearly 65% of it's men and retreated back. Amidst the confusion, Pender and Hill attacked and never looked back, destroying nearly all of Chamberlain's forces.


The Confederate's lost 867 men compared to the Union's 1167 casualties. However, each side remained at a strength of 10,000 because the Union had one more regiment than the Confederate's. This battle was a inconclusive battle.

It happened in Samsville, Texas.