Battle of Jillvy
Part of Take Command War
Date February 9, 1861
Location Jillvy, Virginia (fictional town)
Result Union victory
Union Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
George Meade Stonewall Jackson
Units involved
Army of the Cumberland Army of Tennessee
31,500 26,500
Casualties and losses
1,554 1,247

The Battle of Jillvy was the final battle in the Border Line Campaign. It was fought on February 9, 1861, and was Stonewall Jackson's only loss during the entire campaign.


After the horrible defeat at Watertown, the Union planned to rebound by attacking again with 31,000 soldiers. George Meade was put in charge of this plan by Ulysses S. Grant because he found "the perfect guy" in Meade. Meade told his officers to start the attack at 1:00 p.m., and have Chamberlain's, Reynold's & Phillip Kearny's divisions charge at the same time.