Battle of Cedar Ridge
Part of Take Command War
Date February 18, 1861
Location Cedar Ridge, Virginia
Result Confederate victory
Union Confederate States of America
Commanders and leaders
Samuel P. Heintzelman Richard S. Ewell
Units involved
Army of Maryland Texas State Guard

Army of Texas

50,000 39,000
Casualties and losses
464 391

The Battle fo Cedar Ridge was a minor engagement in the Texas Campaign, with Samuel P. Heintzelman versus Richard Anderson.

Early in the morning at 9:50 a.m., Heintzelman ordered nearly 6,000 men to skirmish a Rebel force of 5,000. Heintzelman didn't know that the Rebels were in the defensive, and were in 3 feet trenches.

The force of 6,000 charged, with a few firing their guns, but did little damage. They did, however, make it into the lines, but only to be repulsed. The Union and Confederate's had tooken heavy casualties, but there was no exact victor.